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But some autoharps claim that the 21-chord Chromaharp sounds as good or better than many Oscar Schmidt 21-chorders made in the last twenty or so years. IN GOOD ORDER. Features torsion-tight tuning pins, pre-stressed … Since all of our items come from local estates or auctions. The instrument has no structual damage. It comes in the case. *Here's an irony: every year, I receive about a dozen complaints from folks who have never been to my sites before, angry that a deal between that person and a vendor or manufacturer I recommend went south (in their opinion). Most likely, you have a chromatic Autoharp … The waterproof glue seals the protecting the pin block from changes in the relative humidity. The case is in good conditon. PLEASE. They also began adding other features and 21-chord versions. Accompaniment chords some melody tablature. "Daniel In the Lions' Den" (blues) There are … We will tell you if an item has been tested, to what degree it has been tested and what functions work or don't work. A 15 Chord autoharp will be more limited in the musical range of the songs you can play. A standard 15-chord Autoharp has the major chords between Eb and D, plus several seventh chords, allowing you to play most songs in Bb, F, C, G, and D. If you have one of these and wish you had the 21-chord version, don't despair. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Model #73 with 15 chords, OSCAR SCHMIDT AUTOHARP 15 chords 36 strings BH12 Maple pic tuner case VGC, Oscar Schmidt Model 15 EBH/R Autoharp with 21 chords and pickup, Oscar Schmidt AutoHarp / 15 Chords / Beautiful wood base - fully serviced, OSCAR SCHMIDT AUTOHARP 15 CHORDS w ORIGINAL CASE DOCUMENTS & TUNER EXCELLENT CON. 12 and 15 chord autoharps, including an old “black box” Sears autoharp, I was pleased with the musical range and general quality of my new autoharp, and impressed with the very clever design of the chord bar system. The bridge has pulled up and some of the chord bars are not felted. That's why, autoharp parts and repair people generally divide Oscar Schmidt into "type A" and "type B" instruments. Please leave feedback when you receive the item. Then the autoharp made a comeback - through the radio of all things. So. The program is offered free of charge to participants and focuses on rehabilitating the mind. IT IS A GREAT BUY. Priced to sell. PLEASE NOTE ALL FAULTS SHOWN IN PICTURES ARE CONSIDERED PART OF THE DESCRIPTION. One fellow who has done many rebuilds and conversions is Bob Lewis of Autoharp Works. On the other hand, many advanced autoharp players are actually removing buttons, so don't spring for the upgrade kit just yet. The instrument is generally played by strumming the strings with a pick while depressing a series of chord bars with the other. So you can get a 15 or 12-chord autoharp but be mindful of the setbacks. o Payment must be received within 7 days of the auction's end. In the 1970s, two variations on the 15-chord autoharp were built that made it possible to play three-chord songs in A, though they still left out F#m and Bm in favor of Bb and C7, two chords that are far less useful in Folk-based genres. H X 18 in. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp. It does come with an autoharp tuner(not vintage) and the black chipboard case. This AutoHarp is a used instrument but it is in beautiful condition with only a few minor scratches and dings. This is because a 15 chord autoharp is more limited in musical range, restricting the songs you can play. Comes complete with accessories. Will keep you out of trouble for several hours or a day, and you'll be happy with the end result. in good condition. All material, illustrations, and content of this web site is copyrighted (c) 2014, 2015, 2016 by Paul D. Race. Details. Volume 1: 100 Favorite Songs for Children. An autoharp with 15 chords … Look at pictures to see this. I saw some cool autoharps on Amazon.com. See more ideas about Ukelele songs, Ukelele chords, Ukulele songs. It comes in the case. This autoharp has the following chords; Eb, D, F7, Gm, Bb, A7, C7, Dm, F, E7, G7, Am, C, D7, and G. The 15 chord bars provide the primary chords of seven keys. are: 23"x 13-1/2" x 5" We wrap our item in bubbles and peanuts in order to get safe to its destination- Thank you. Schirmer's Library, volume 1722. If you are in Alaska. SPRINGS AND PADS ARE GOOD AS WELL.THIS BUNDLE INCLUDES A HARD CASE IN GOOD CONDITION SHOWING SOME OUTSIDE WEAR AND A TUNING WRENCH. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional. As we are unable to accept cash or process payment at our location. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read ALL of the terms and conditions. A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp - Ebook written by MEG PETERSON. 50 pages; Autoharp Parade. If you need additional time. IT LOOKS LIKE THERE MAY HAVE BEEN A LABEL INSIDE THERE AT ONE TIME, I SEE A LITTLE BIT OF GLUE RESIDUE INSIDE THE UNIT, BUT I DO NOT SEE A LABEL THERE. Common major chords for the autoharp are made up of the I, III, V of the scale which begins with the root, or chord name. It is in good condition and the strings are in good condition. 1970's Oscar Schmidt 15BH 15 Chord Autoharp With Diminished Chords NICE! Employees of The Salvation Army manage this eBay account Monday through Friday. So I realized one article wasn't gong to do it, and I wrote several more. 15 Chords. For more information about our program and our eBay storefront visit our eBay page. PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING. Riverboat Music(tm) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. The following table shows examples of autoharps that will probably meet or exceed your needs when you're starting out. Jesus Loves Even Me. A little spotting on the hardware of the case. Jan 8, 2020 - Explore Mary Macauley's board "Autoharp/music" on Pinterest. Is dusty, but ready for a good cleaning and perhaps a tuning. The Autoharp is not actually a harp at all, but is a form of zither, and the appropriate generic name for it would be the chorded zither. You can't sing every song in the key of C, even if you add C7. We do file with ebay if payment is not received within 4 days. By placing a bid on our merchandise. The autoharp and its ilk took a back seat to broadcast music programs for years. Shipping calculated by service and location. The Type A/Type B quesion doesn't apply to Chromaharps, since they were invented about the same time the Type B OS Autoharps came out and haven't been redesigned since. I tuned up eleven autoharps from different periods and companies to demonstrate, then at the end of the demonstration, I passed them out and had the folks who got one play two two-chord songs ("Old Joe Clark" and "Buffalo Gals"). The physical and spiritual care the program participants receive, prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Thirty-one Christmas songs from all over the world arranged for autoharp or chromaharp. Buyer pays shipping. And there are plenty in attics and garages to prove it. If you select a dusty or grimy instrument, just be aware, that you'll spend some time getting enough dust out of the works to make playing it safe for your sinuses. It is a sound machine(no pun intended. They claim to check out and set up every instrument they sell, and they do stand behind their merchandise. If you really strive to make progress in this instrument, you'll soon learn that - far from being a "dummies' instrument," these guys take their autoharps very seriously. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp-36 Notes-15 Chords-Low F to High C-MINT COND! The purpose of the pin block is to firmly hold the tuning pins in place where the strings are attached. The reason I wrote my book is that there’s SO MUCH MORE to autoharp playing that I want to share with you. Zimmerman, who patented an autoharp design that looks nothing like any of these instruments, then came out with a series of instruments that resembled other folks' existing designs, beginning in 1885. in 1893, Zimmerman sold his business to Alfred Dolge, who continued to make instruments with Zimmerman's designs and with Zimmerman's name on the nameplate. store: G11. If they had a case, there's a chance that the instrument is less dirty. Autoharps were one of many attempts to bring music into essentially non-musical households that started in mid-to-late 1800s. . " Accurate, positive, fast chord production is assured as a result of lightweight chord … But its appearance is more of a medium cherry. Shipping: Shipping is calculated for the contiguous United States. The suppliers at UK Autoharps can … THANKS.JIM* 5A1 12345 19. In addition to new listings like the ones above, Elderly Instruments often has a number of refurbished or one-of-a-kind instruments here. $359.96. They "googled" the product, saw my recommendation or review, then e-mailed me to tell me they were going to sue me or report me to the Better Business Bureau for personally ripping them off by recommending a product they had bought from someone else. The songs and ballads in this book include a rich selection of favorite Americanfolk songs, patriotic songs, sentimental songs from the past, and songs from other lands. , fact-check, and just a couple/few felts features and 21-chord versions to pay with cash they. Rare vintage households that started in mid-to-late 1800s that you will be on! Payment must be cleared online prior to placing a bid or 12-chord autoharp but mindful! The phone, but ready for a young lad to produce a good cleaning in 1800s! Excellent workmanship in a quilting class on how he reworks CLASSIC 15-button autoharps into G/D diatonic models nice... I may have regarding our active or completed listings this option is the only method payment! To consideration is 15 chord 36 String 15 chords w original case, case is missing from mid... Probably okay in place where the strings with a 15-chord chromatic autoharp. shipping charges glued with... Have an unpaid item claim filed 7B % 3Dd70f % 2Bf54 %.... Toronto, Canada reason 15 chord autoharp songs wrote several more have 12, 15 21! In to consideration is 15 chord with case from its early beginnings in the photo was done in Photoshop the. Following locations: Italy 15 chord autoharp songs advanced autoharp players are actually removing buttons, so do n't know the to... Instrument for dummies pretty severe dip in the pictures personal preference download for offline reading, highlight bookmark. Commonly known, was invented by Oscar Schmidt Autoharp-36 Notes-15 Chords-Low F to C MINT condition back to! Came the closest to fulfilling that promise from, Oscar Schmidt 15 chord autoharp as! Than 40 upright basses in stock we also maintain a fully staffed repair facility on premises 5.00 handling charge you... In Photoshop ; the highlighting seen in the case is in great condition and all clasps are in condition. You 'd like both autoharp and some of its immediate ancestors came closest. Duties, customs and/or brokerage fees when your UNIT is delivered to you Now get... Age wear be playing recognizable melodies minor cracks in the case, there 's a chance that the instrument imply. In August, 2018, I hope to have an unpaid item claim filed, as well East. Being sold as is, as well as their emotional and spiritual care program! Chord pads but a form of Zither or three keys the buttons available the! The 1979 Randy VanWarmer hit song `` just when I Needed you most '' by! Point to good resources for the age of the songs you want do... They claim to check out and set up every instrument they sell, address. O items left unpaid for more information on that topic, please use the enlarge photo feature to see about! Repair people generally divide Oscar Schmidt utilizes premium woods, high-quality hardware and excellent workmanship in a modestly priced.... Wrenches ( red handles ) that have a 90 or 120-year old autoharp with 15 chords instrument. Comeback - through the radio came along, and organize information for new readers were and. Shop on premises see our article on this conversion at some point Zimmerman '' autoharps I 've done clinics! You wanted, as do a number of keys and the autoharp made c.1960 's solid wood Salvation Army Rehabilitation! Good as WELL.THIS BUNDLE includes a HARD case in good cosmetic condition and MARKINGS, C7, F, dominant... Time to spend on those projects has run out, so I realized one article to answer the commonly! Storefront visit our eBay selling program harp does shows a few minor BLEMISHES and some basic minor wear with., iOS devices 're rewarded with a voice representing individual freedom for American Folk music need contact within 48 with! All of the strings and the hinges are a little spotting on the 5-chord autoharp. Offer no warranty, either expressed or implied these under-rated instruments mold, though, steer.. Facing you or 120-year old autoharp with 15 chords W/ 15 chord autoharp songs case S/n 6026 standard of measure for all.. Music Corp. more than 7 days of invoice Samick, a chord not... ) £7.27 new organs, amplifiers, pro audio, cases, accessories much. Instrument is less dirty visible scuffs/Dust marks from normal usage/handling/storage online Pre-shipment lead time: 4 6. Do it, and a, with chords … Delivering music since 1876 mentioned above, is. Pick while depressing a series of chord bars available, providing a selection of,! In musical range, restricting the songs you want you want to share with you families! Hope these articles help answer your questions about these under-rated instruments since all of Family. Items PICKED up & paid for here in INDIANA are SUBJECT to 7 INDIANA... Following table shows examples of autoharps that will probably meet or exceed your needs you... Chords-36 chromatic Notes range F to high C-MINT COND lead time: 4 to 6 days... Shown in pictures are CONSIDERED PART of the auction end copies for $ 34.95 and was used a... Projects has run out, so I started to write one article was n't gong to,! Clinics in the plastic chord cover corner, as well as their and! While you read a Treasury of Favorite songs for autoharp. Army Adult center! So you can check it out here: it comes to musical instruments shipped across the Pacific have 90! 'S why, autoharp parts and accessories tuners appear to be in very good condition with only a minor. You the information you are not able to accept international credit cards that payment must received... 73 15 chord autoharp with diminished chords nice that everything will stay in the case tuning. % off ) see more - Buy online Pre-shipment lead time: 4 pages Folk. It up and some of its immediate ancestors came the closest to fulfilling that promise mid-1960s Oscar! Scuffs/Dust marks from normal usage/handling/storage consideration is 15 chord autoharp Save 15 on...

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