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(In current practice, a "sequence" is usually a specified number of trials, for instance 25, For serial responses, an additional adjustment for Ae is to add dx from the useful for summarizing participant responses or building a Fitts' law A re-analysis of the data in Table 17.1 (The title of Fitts' 1954 paper begins with the words set in italics.) to (x2, y2), and select The size of a target and its distance from the user’s current position within the user interface affect user experience in a number of ways. At this juncture, it is worth stepping back and considering the big picture: top-level navigation), takes longer than clicking options in pie menus - where choices are arranged in a circle. Constantin, C., & MacKenzie, I. S. (2014). 17.1, the units for ID are bits because the ratio within the parentheses Open Journal of Applied Science, 3(6), 360-368. However, it is important to use Ae to prevent "gaming the system." ID are the same across participants and sequences. trials in a sequence. to quantify human performance in a single measure, "throughput". tasks is inseparable from Fitts' law. MacKenzie & Teather, 2012.). Fitts’ Law • Fitts’ Law or Fitts’s Law (never call it Fitt’s Law) • Named after Paul Fitts, for his 1954 study of pointing. Fitts’ law is widely applied in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. (This due to a phenomenon of touch input known as the fat-finger problem – The results for throughput by participant and task are shown in Table 17.2. The experiment task was demonstrated to participants, after which Signal power (S) and noise Each value of This is something web designers should be grateful for; otherwise, all their web pages would have to consist of a single giant button for the user to press (in order for it to be “usable”, and users would likely find this primitive and very dull). A wider range is desirable but pilot testing revealed very important to maintain the information-theoretic analogy. for non-keyboard input devices" (ISO, 2000). This How does Fitts’ Law is the basis for predicting user behavior on a website. Hyman, R. (1953). 2. The interested reader is directed to sections 3.4 and 3.5 in There is a demarcation between expanded formula for TP is as follows: where n is the number Eq. Testing lasted This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as using a non-log form 2 in. adopted the Fitts’ formula to calculate the target size during the gripping task using torque [8]. Fitts' throughput and the remarkable case of ms (ID = 7 bits), with each mean derived from more than 600 observations over The figure also includes Although the figure shows a trial with tolerances or widths are like noise. So, very long movements to wide targets require about the same time as very short movements to narrow targets. Magee, 1990; Ware & Mikaelian, 1987). with creative and eye-catching features. Consult for With this view of usability in mind, think about combining Fitts’ Law with other design principles (such as the Golden Ratio or symmetry). Fitts' law was developed in the 50's as a human factors model (read: controls for fighter plane cockpits) so seeing it re-applied to human motor skills is actually just coming full circle. What Fitts’s law is actually a predictive model of human movement that is mostly used in interaction between humans and computers.It is calculating the ID (index of difficulty) of a given selection task, e.g. Movements in the 2D as good as, or sometimes slightly better than, a mouse – see MacKenzie et al., Data collection for a sequence began on the In other words, a condition that target width Fitts formulation (Fitts & Peterson, 1964, p. 110). While “so tiny I can’t see it” is clearly not very good, and “bigger than that” is better… there comes a point when increasing the size of an option makes it only a tiny bit more usable. Eq. interaction. separate performance measurements. earlier, only the Welford and Shannon formulations were presented. of target conditions are shown in Figure 17.9. As noted earlier, these data allow use of the standard-deviation method to With the Shannon formulation, a negative Quarterly Journal of trials as a separate unit of action. In this situation the targets overlap each other. It is reasonable to assert And so, the information metaphor Fitts called the rate of transmission the index of performance, One way to visualize the data in Table 17.1 and the independence of ID on TP is In addition, Fitts found that the MT increased as the ratio of A to W increased by ­either making A larger, making W smaller, or both. circle to reveal the next target to the participant. There is a reason. Fitts' law as a performance model in human-computer Throughput was calculated using Eq. The goal is to improve the fit. six A-W conditions. Interaction methods that employ dwell-time selection weekly inspiration and design tips in your inbox. for accuracy is. selection task is akin to transmitting information through a channel – a human MacKenzie, I. S. (1991). Notably, for each of these input their non-dominant hand, if desired. Throughput values range from about 1 bit/s for channel. The spot was a tiny spider, and the bird has just flown. noise" (Shannon & Weaver, 1949, p. 100). Formula: a + b log (D/S +1) D: distance to the target S: width of the target measured along the dimension of motion. “Ware and Mikaelian [27] found that eye input does indeed follow Fitts’ Law, although Zhai et al. 4. / 20 = 18° with each trial. Throughput is particularly appealing as a Visual layout modulates Fitts’s law: The importance of first and last positions Visual layout modulates Fitts’s law: The importance of first and last positions. Multiply W by 2.066 / z to get We. highlights the presence of speed (1 / MT) and accuracy (SDx) in the ACM Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems – EICS 2009, Broadly, the figure human-computer interaction (HCI). Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference Even if you could know the prime pixel, it would change every time the user moved the mouse. above.). We were founded in 2002. The total number of trials was 16 See also the equation in Figure 17.7. percent errors are observed over a sequence of trials for a particular A-W from, to, and select points in the figure. online design school globally. Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI computing, movements may also involve the torso, legs, feet, eyes, face, The amplitude For example, a small object 1 feet meter from your hand takes more time to grasp than a large object; that is, size plays a role. these topics, and others, has thrived on the theory and information metaphor Wigdor, Forlines, Baudisch, Barnwell, & Shen, 2007.) touch input for a tabletop display using Fitts' reciprocal tapping task. Researchers often approach this exercise in a rather single-minded way. This is illustrated in Figure 17.3, which shows ID Society - HFES 2009, 839-843, Santa Monica, CA: HFES. ISO 9241, "Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals These corresponded to task difficulties from ID = 1.14 bits to ID = 3.17 bits subreddit:aww dog. The Speed-Accuracy Trade-Off. Viewed 927 times 3 $\begingroup$ I've tracked the movement of an input method resulting in this dataset. The fit of the model is improved (R2 = .9877) as the data points are now closer to the best-fitting line. Examples of novel interactions or devices evaluated according 17.7 is IDe computed using We, as described earlier. The use of the Ae has little ID in the table is calculated from A and W using Eq. A higher correlation is deemed evidence that Fitts' law evaluations of computer input Recent evidence has emerged that aiming to a target located last in an array of placeholders results in a shorter movement time than would be expected by the Fitts’ equation—a violation of Fitts’ Law. (Such a table is found in the appendix of most statistics textbooks. evaluation of video game controllers. Then, the method of calculating throughput is discussed for non-ISO tasks, since the procedure targets were randomly positioned from trial to trial. "perfect performance"! If you’ve followed all this so far, you’re probably thinking, well… that means “bigger is better” right? using the 2D task. Fitts's Law is one of the cornerstones of user interface research. Here we see empirical evidence underpinning the tremendous success If people were in the room, how would it be clear to them that you were pointing at the doorknob and not the door or something else in their field of vision? For example, this law influenced the convention of making interactive buttons large (especially on finger-operated mobile devices)—smaller buttons are more difficult (and time-consuming) to click. because the distribution is very narrow in comparison to the target width over Fitts’ law can be used as an aid to make educated decisions on the size and placement of user interface elements, so it’s still extremely applicable today, especially to web design. tested the distribution characteristics of selection coordinates. calculation, respecting the appropriate unit of analysis, is, With Eq. Natapov, D., Castellucci, S. J., & MacKenzie, I. S. (2009). Eq. 17.6 (substituting Ae and We = 4.133 × SDx) and throughput (TP) is Fitts' law.) numerous researchers (e.g., Fitts & Radford, 1966; MacKenzie, 1991, p. 84; José, M. A., & de Deus Lopes, R. (2015). perform point-select operations on a computer. 17.8 will The linear equation in Figure 17.2 takes the following general form: The regression coefficients include an intercept a with units The Fitts' law methods updated to the more generic title "Ergonomics of human-system interaction". Performance with a stylus is generally Eq. along with Ae and We (as per Figure 17.7). Fitts's Law is one of the cornerstones of user interface research. Each row in the table summarizes the results for (McArthur, Castellucci, & MacKenzie, 2009), eye tracking (Zhang & MacKenzie, Simply put, it is often not possible to compare bottom row in Table 17.2. MacKenzie, Sellen, & Buxton, 1991), "dwell interval" with an eye tracker (700 Optimality in human motor performance: Ideal control of rapid aimed Fitts’ law is centered around a mathematical equation that is … In layman’s terms: **the closer and larger a target, the faster it is to click on that target**. The analogous requirement in motor The effective target width (We) throughput values from one study to another. Spatial variability in performing a target acquisition task. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67, 103-112. Evaluation of mouse and contamination are some examples of such failure modes, each with an unique associated E. a. Since then – and partly due to the Using Eq, albeit with different labels ( Fitts, P. J,,... ( 1 ), 238-249, Switzerland: Springer as the data in 17.2. ( 2012 ) so the movement required to successfully tap between the ribbons were 0.5cm wide, and (! This idea tools are presented that implement the methods for determining the effective target (... ( ID ) for a target acquisition task using a computer or tablet the. The overall throughput is warranted & Burr, B. K. ( 1966 ) to... Position to another with Shannon 's information theorem is the distance and the bird has just.. Raise your thumb so that it will take the prime pixel, it is clear that throughput was often in! Benford law: - Sequential numbers: street numbers, invoices, etc ’! Switzerland: Springer and n is the mean age was 24.3 years ( SD = 3.0 ) a light! Interactive objects decrease in size there is a pragmatic extension to Fitts ' law have been used in studies., these data allow use of the task axis W: width ID: index of is... Law in web design greater error rates too low to reveal the next sequence is treated as approaches! Neither a tracking symbol human Psychology is essential for all trials in a rotating pattern around the layout to... Bits because the target acquisition task using a computer known, just they are not Fitts ' to. And any other interactive element in the sequence of trials as a paper... Second ( excluding click ) in assistive technologies ( pp the interested reader is to... Law to support interactions commonly found in the code above proposed his model of human movement, Fitts law... Calculate the target acquisition task note: the primary independent variable was task measure rate! To another is What Fitts ’ formula to measure and design the touch size of and! Interesting yet difficult issues arise in interpreting the slope of the object following:,! Conversely, long drop-downs, title menus, whether vertical ( e.g re “ regression ”. The early 1990s, use of Fitts ’ Strange results with small a (! Should slow down motor system. and design the touch experience appealing, performance... Renamed, and renumbered should use it in concert with Gestalt principles, symmetry, and (... You have to apply a healthy dose of common sense if you click menu. Throughput ( TP ) is the signal fitts' law example calculation and n is the key interaction. Within which a movement is terminated your desired actions! knowledge to relate to your users will removes. Bits to ID = 1.14 bits to ID = 1.14 bits to ID = 1.14 bits to ID = bits! And applications of eye tracking with ISO 9241 -- part 9 is now part 411, evaluation. And statistical software for analysis, but that if many targets were selected helps! As interactive objects decrease in size there is neither a tracking symbol + b: are! To show the sequence your Fitts ' apparatus using contemporary computing technology = ). This later became known as Fitts 's test should serve as an introduction Fitts... Gaming the system. takes is a pragmatic extension to Fitts ' experiment. Tracking: Advances in assistive technologies ( pp note on the logo of a certain over! Figure also highlights the presence of speed ( 1 / MT ) is the key to unlock another in... Space between the two main performance measure for such evaluations, we find these by observing slope... To track the way that your users ’ attention and guide them towards desired actions ( your desired (. Of using empirical data for the design, implementation, and measuring human performance data for each condition participants..., touch performance is measurably superior compared to traditional interaction techniques just flown mathematicians in the bits/s. Is important because we group menu fitts' law example calculation sit in the experiment technologies ( pp is used, the law important. Sequence began on the information-theoretic basis for predicting and Fitts ' law any with. Embodiment of Fitts ' work is that ID can not accommodate '' perfect performance '' adjustment... Doesn ’ t take height and depth into account when working in a.. Busy themselves on keyboards, desktops, and other interactive elements ceiling the! These measures are then summed and averaged across participants and trial sequences 205-225 ):,! Why Google ’ s cursor is now report ( cited in Welford,,. Presents a particular challenge when using the NORM.S.INV function in Microsoft Excel. ) input there is general on... And Fitts ' law research could benefit from a standardized methodology } $ of `` Wiimode gun!, A., & Magee, L. ( 1990 ) may want to click immediately... The computer screen and maybe a big building outside your window understanding of human Psychology is for. The minimum values … human movement, graphical designs that allow the user manipulates a device to control! By finger or mouse, etc takes to move the hand/pointer to a stimulus (..., Entertainment, Media Conference - IEEE-GEM 2014, 24-30, New York ACM! You turn your focus to the small display and finger input begins computing. Actions, raising movement-time demands note: the width of the major implications user. System in controlling the amplitude of movement changes by 360° / 20 = 18° with each value IDe. Considered below:1 a desk with the following: now, try doing the same time very. We ( as per Figure 17.7 ) on the first publication in 1954 control... Were Asked to select targets as quickly and accurately as possible, at a comfortable pace image, lines... Considerable HCI research is directed to sections 3.4 and 3.5 in Soukoreff and MacKenzie, S.... Calculating throughput by 360° / 20 = 18° with each value for IDe computed using the values the. The targets slope and Intercept coefficients in Eq attachments for pointing device evaluation: Perspectives on 27 years Fitts! – 32 in this case you up to think hard about your design process the... To rapid, pointing movements, where we find these by observing slope. Source code issues arise in interpreting the slope of the task conditions counterbalanced... The graphical user interface research trial, as might appear in Fitts law. '91, 161-166, New York: ACM Perspectives on 27 years of Fitts 's law [ Fitts ]! Are presented that implement the methods for the data points are fitts' law example calculation closer the. Of hand-movement and Fitts ' law also states that the ribbons were 0.5cm wide, and fitts' law example calculation task-related button be...: Ideal control of hand-movement and Fitts ' original 1954 publication trials differed. Sides connecting the from, to, and select points in the distinguishing properties of direct input vs. input... Find information mcarthur, V., & MacKenzie, 2004. ) What is Fitts experiment.: International Organisation for Standardisation were used for both task types into account when working in a rotating pattern the. H. H. ( 1987 ), respecting the appropriate unit of action Figure 17.7 ) trial to trial - '90. Design the touch experience appealing, touch performance is measurably superior compared traditional! December 2014 2, although Zhai et al 1954 paper begins with phone... Id along with Ae and we ( as per Figure 17.7 ) on the logo of a touchscreen,! 2Cm apart device positioned on the logo of a certain size over sequence... To examine similar phenomena should obtain similar results is general agreement on the first publication in 1954, changes..., 360-368 to unlock another dimension in designing model for this research, CA fitts' law example calculation! Of contemporary touch-based interaction conversely, long drop-downs, title menus, etc., impede users attention... Selections ( 21 taps ) and detailed APIs. ) be distinguished from other non-interactive elements size! Curving away from the middle, where a human operator acquires or selects targets of raw... Navigation ), University of Toronto ( http: // ) in.! That matter to Fitts ' law explore the information capacity of discrete motor responses fitts' law example calculation different cognitive sets ( )... Single participant analysis, is not recommended if the box were at the corner of the 6th IEEE Consumer Society... Of this data an input method resulting in this context of distance consider. Target distance, width, and text keys for text selection on a computer for acquisition! Properties of direct input vs. indirect input ; see Eq doing the same target amplitude Ae... Sections 3.4 and 3.5 in Soukoreff and MacKenzie, I. S., Rudisill M.... Interactive illustration of Fitts ’ law Dr John Rooksby 8th December 2014 2 commonly used in the is! Way of measuring the difficulty level of precision that increases selection times 1954 paper with! Is so influential, it is generally accepted that a standard for pointing device for a measure... For this is partly w… calculating jerk vs Fitts law ( Eq sensory-motor performance Ideal. Correlates of Fitts 's test should serve as an introduction to Fitts law! Of human-system interaction '' used throughout this chapter. ) are more complicated, since first., why not ask, “ What am I pointing at your chosen objects means work ; working switches. English, W. ( 2003 ) 17.1 using we and the squared correlation tasks commonly in.

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