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Blood agate helps girls with late onset puberty and assists withy the transition to womanhood. Basically, the agate is a healing stone for the inner balance and stability. Judgement is often present in the parent-child relationship, both in childhood and adulthood. Use Moss Agate crystal water to bathe fungal and skin infections. This stone helps with emotional b… Snakeskin agate will help with the mental desire to continue smoking even though you no longer crave the nicotine. It is a particularly effective stone for people who are suffering bulimia and anorexia. This stone eases loneliness, makes you feel loved and protected. Building a protective shield around the body, it returns harm back to its source so that the source understands the harm it is doing. expression and communication. The healing properties of the agate of this variety use the gentle vibrations to relieve tension inside the throat and allow fluidity between the mind and mouth. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. In pre-christian times in Scandinavia and Denmark, blue lace agate was dedicated to Nerthus the earth mother. Agate aids self analysis and perception of hidden circumstances, bringing to your attention any disease that is interfering with your well being. Dendritic agate clears energy blockages and fluid retention. It encourages high standards of behaviour and intentions in yourself and others. Moss Agate can act with a dual purpose. A "pure" agate is white, grey or blue-grey. Use the grounded vibration of its transformative energy to transmute aches, pains, weight issues and a whole plethora of potential health challenges. They aid in centring and stabilising physical energy. Black onyx facilitates you knowing that separation is an illusion and reunion will come. Agate is beneficial when it comes to enhancing the mental abilities of a person b improving concentration, analytical abilities, perception, and insight Botswana Agate is said to a healing stone for hollow organs of the body such as uterus, stomach, etc., and curing itching due to insect bites. Tree agate instils a feeling of safety in the most challenging of situations. Many people are confused by the differences between agate and jasper, the simple explanation is that Agate is translucent and Jasper is opaque. Fire Agate is a unique form of chalcedony, a mineral in the family of quartz stones. Sizes, shapes and colors may vary with handcrafted items. agate and physical healing Agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. What is the Hindu belief about the Navgrah? Many of these beads also contain an unnatural white substance on the outside of the bead that is … Agate also promotes marital fidelity. As a result, feelings are held back and the lack of self expression blocks the throat chakra and may affect the chest, a feeling of being suffocated. Agates have long been associated with good luck, balance, and confidence. Black onyx aids past life and .between life regression work. It is a red translucent stone that resembles coagulated blood. He should be able to keep negative energies away and transform them. For frequent travellers, Turritella Agate protects against danger, alleviates fears, and keeps the connection to loved ones at home. It gives you the courage to uphold and defend your convictions. For example: if you have a piece of Moss Agate in hand; use it for the Heart Chakra as it is predominantly green in nature; or as Botswana Agate is cream, pink and grey it can be used on the Earth Star, Heart and Solar Star Chakras. It also stimulates the imagination and inspiration of writers and artists, and has the power of weaving complex themes into a work of art. No matter how difficult those circumstances maybe, Moss Agate gives insight into the reason behind them. Colour Healing & Types of Agate. Each variety shares the agate benefits that are at the heart of agate meaning; however, each different agate variety adds its own particular agate properties for enhanced agate meaning. You could be inpatient with others. This stone helps you remove toxins from your physical body through your reconnection with nature. Agate can be of any colour, but the most frequent colours are grey, white, brown, salmon, pink, red, orange, black, and yellow. It helps you focus if you get distracted by emails, your phone or surfing the internet. Eye Agates are amazing agate specimens that contain small, usually perfect hemispheres of concentrically-banded agate. Blue Lace Agate counteracts the repression and suppression of feelings that stem from fear of being judged and rejected. It helps intellectual people access their intuitive feelings and, conversely, assists intuitive people in channelling their energy in practical ways. It is an excellent stone to balance the senses and it assists you in understanding what is real and what is not. It can also transmute negative energies and vibrations into positive waves that benefit rather than hinder our spiritual and emotional development. Named after the land in Africa where it was discovered, Botswana agate is called the sunset stone because it retains sunlight which can comfort people through their dark lonely nights. Laguna Agate was discovered near Chihuahua Mexico. ergy is calming, bringing security and safety. Blue lace agate clears the throat chakra so that the highest spiritual truth can be expressed. Agate is a common term for a distinctly banded fibrous chalcedony. The structure of the onyx lends itself to carving into cameos. This stone will activate your Kundalini energy if it placed on the base or sacral chakras. It helps you with the knowledge that there is no death by enhancing your understanding of the wheel of birth, death and rebirth. Blue lace agate can also be used to enhance sound healing, it focuses and directs sound to the appropriate place. The colours of this stone are mixed rust red, orange, grey, brown, yellow, ochre, cream and white in uneven bands in the stone. Agate is usually cut into cabochons, beads, little sculptures, slices, and other practical items such as bookmarks and paperweights. Place this stone outside on a window sill to protect your family and home. Therefore, cultures used it for many purposes. It will reduce the signs of ageing on the skin such as liver spots and wrinkles. In addition to the generic healing properties of Apatite, specific colours have additional attributes: Blue Apatite. Black Agate connects the spirit and physical planes together and grounds you in reality. This red agate can stimulate sexual and physical energy, increasing stamina and circulation, and is helpful in treating sexual imbalances. Dendritic Agate is similar to Tree Agate. It can be used to enhance the yield of crops or to maintain the health of house plants. ability to see difficulties as a challenge. Agate also helps new mothers avoid the "baby blues" sometimes experienced after giving birth. As a variety of Chalcedony Quartz, it has its agate metaphysical properties plus theirs. The metaphysical properties and applications of Agate stones are many and varied. He is said to have a slow but intense impact. Pink agate calms, comforts and provides security. This stone enhances the healing of hearing difficulties, the intestines and stomach disorders. Pink agate promotes love between parent and child. This stone promotes creative expression of all types especially for decorating and acting, it enhances the ability to create a sacred space. They assist in bringing about emotional, physical and mental balance. Pink agate offers positive self image. It glows in the light. Blue agate is a good stone to work with if you frequently strain parts of your body. Agate is said to enhance one’s perceptiveness and to stimulate general analytical capacity, as well as provide balance between one’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states. Why do Hindus hold Nature in great reverence? Agates enhance mental function as they improve concentration. When placed on this chakra, agate quickly cuts the mental cords that were attached to a previous partner or a manipulative parent and. This stone improves brain function. It is a very abundant stone. If your soul star chakra is out of balance you may feel confused about where you are going in life or your value to be in this physical plane. Blue lace agate is a powerful throat healer. Agate has the power to harmonise yin and yang, the positive and the negative forces that hold the universe in place. [Megemont, 16][Hall, 39] Blue Lace Agate is soothing for tension-related headaches and … It assists you in understanding any emotional blocks that you may have about getting pregnant and having a baby. This stone will reduce the size and pain from varicose veins. It deepens your own connection to the Earth. Some people hold eye agates with superstitious regard and believe that they possess special healing properties. Use this stone for meditation, scrying, travelling the astral planes, and finding spirit guides. Fire agate is also useful when you need that extra little vitality and poise when applying for a job, buying a car, facing and dealing with a pushy sales representative, or whenever you must confront a possible adversary. It is transparent or translucent with branching markings like moss. Moss agate not only protects the aura, it helps in opening the third eye. This stone is extremely beneficial for anyone employed in agriculture or associated with botany. A stone of wealth, moss agate attracts abundance. Breathe deeply and allow the blue energy to dissipate the angry red energy from your consciousness. What Are the Metaphysical Properties of Agate? Fire agate resonates with the triple burner meridian and can be applied to bring it back into balance, reducing hot flushes cleansing the colon and removing heat from the body. This stone strengthens family connections and it is protective for travel by air or car. It is often found as layers lining Geodes. ATTRIBUTES A powerful energy attuned to the vermilion flame' of spiritual will and an effective 'ass-kicker' stone, Crackled Fire Agate emanates life force and joie de vivre. With strong grounding powers, it is supportive to you during difficult and stressful times. Its protective properties build a shield around the body against ill-wishes, returning the harm back to its source, so … They aid in centring and stabilising physical energy. This stone will assist in reducing fever and increase blood circulation throughout the body. It heals the eyes, stomach, and uterus, it cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas, it strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders. Fossil agate is actually made from pieces of broken shells that rested deep on the bottom of the seas and rivers in the mud. It heals the eyes, stomach, and uterus, it cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas, … Fire agate brings vitality into the body, preventing energy burn out. Agate teaches us that sexuality is a natural function and that sensuality is the appreciation by the senses of the fullness of life. Blood agate will assist in the recovery from hysterectomy surgery. These stones were also used in jewellery in ancient India. This crystal has a particularly strong connection with the plant kingdom and can enhance communication with that realm. This stone heals grief that has gone on too long. Laguna agate is useful as a protection amulet when travelling, and is especially effective against traffic accidents. Turritella agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Healing Properties of Fire Agate Spiritual: Fire Agate is at once grounding and inspiring, making it an incredible tool for spiritual awakening. Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Pragya Softtech Pvt Ltd. A powerful energy attuned to the vermilion flame' of spiritual will and an effective 'ass-kicker' stone, Crackled Fire Agate emanates life force and joie de vivre. It stimulates energy and life force and is said to increase sexual vitality and libido. It will help those who are continually hurt by betrayal and trickery by assisting them to break the negative pattern. These specimens of carnelian agate and Botswana Agate have wonderful eyes … Agate is helpful to the heart and blood vessels. It is helpful in reducing sensitivity to weather and to environmental pollutants. Because black agate has cold properties, then it is very useful to help reduce fever, help problems that occur in the abdominal area, aligning the heartbeat. The healing properties of Agate do not stop here. General Properties This stone can be used by vegetarians and/or vegans for making peace with the plant kingdom and thanking it for the sustenance it provides. It stabilises spiritual energy, focuses on your life purpose and karmic learning plan for this incarnation into physical fulfilment. White areas are manmade using a permanent surface additive that enhances the contrast and crackle-like beauty. As a protective stone, it strengthens self-confidence, promotes self-acceptance and gives comfort. It is anti inflammatory, cleanses the circulatory and elimination systems, encouraging the flow of lymph, and boosts the immune system. It restores passion in your love life and in life in general. It strengthens the ability to try one more time, inspiring with new ideals after a period of stagnation. It is a very ideal stone for people looking for strength for lasting resistance. Snakeskin agate strengthens the base, sacral and crown chakras, embedding the soul in the body and the earth, and facilitating full acceptance of incarnation. Snakeskin agate much like its namesake is a powerful healer for people are recovering from cosmetic surgery, liposuction, breast enhancement or reduction and reconstructive surgery. With this stone in hand, you will be able to overcome the  mistrust you have in another's intentions toward you, or stop being constantly worrying that people are talking about you with ill intent. It also has a history of use in leather burnishing. Enhancing libido, it fires up the base chakra and eliminates cravings and destructive desires, treating addictions. Agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Crazy lace agate is a good stone for focus and excellent for those who suffer attention deficit disorder. This agate is for the throat chakra and promotes creative analysis and problem solving. One of the best ways to use this stone is to keep a piece of it on your body for long periods of time. It will help improve your eyesight and overcome problems with your heart and colon. Blue Lace Agate will boost your ability to communicate, especially the thoughts and feelings that you receive from your higher self. It is a great crystal to use during pregnancy. This stone is known as red agate, pigeons blood agate and blood agate. It is helpful for anyone  suffering from depression through life circumstances or brain imbalances. Why do Hindus consider the Ganga holy and worthy of reverence. Agate is strongly associated with Nyx because of its properties to protect against stress and for keeping bad dreams away. Tree agate is closely related to Dendritic Agate the difference between the two is that Dendritic agate is a translucent agate with dendritic inclusions and Tree agate is white agate with larger dendritic inclusions. Green agate reminds you that there is a great power in 'being green'. It also aids capillaries and the pancreas. Onyx is a translucent to opaque chalcedony. Laguna Agate helps bind groups tightly together, and would greatly benefit educators, counsellors, and professional coordinators. It imparts strength and perseverance, it helps you to face difficult circumstances with equanimity and in identifying the gift of karmic lessons. This agate is especially effective against traffic accidents. Moroccan seam agate, a variety of agate is a bold and beautiful stone. If the throat chakra is out of balance, you may be hyperactive, domineering or fanatical about your political or religious views. Laguna Agate is an excellent stone for mathematical endeavours, enhancing precision and stimulating intellectual pursuits. Agate heals the eyes, stomach and uterus; cleanses the lymphatic system and the pancreas; strengthens blood vessels and heals skin disorders. It supports the immune system and helps to fight infection. Place one of these anywhere that you want to encourage abundance and fullness. Moss Agate speeds up recovery. It calms, bringing security and trust, and support in difficult times. Pressure and other surrounding factors play their part in … Fiercely protective, it provides an impenetrable shield against ill-wishing', gently returning it to source to know the harm it is doing and then dissipating it. It is beneficial for smokers and those who want to quit smoking. If the base chakra is out of balance you may be belligerent and aggressive toward others. Agate enhances love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity and harmony. When cut in cross-section these hemispheres produce an “eye-like” structure. n sudden bursts of energy are needed. Healers use tree agate to align and correct anything with branches (such as blood vessels, nerves, skeletal disorders). With this stone in hand, use breath and discipline to harness the sensual energy for the higher good of all. It heals the nervous system and conditions such as neuralgia. What Is the Hindu belief about the life cycle of the world? If the heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or blaming others for any issues that arise in your life. It eases the grief associated with the loss of a loved one. It gently shows you the truth of situations. The centre of the crystal is the lagoon and you are sitting on the edge. It transmits higher level information in a way that facilitates understanding and helps people who are new to channelling spiritual energies. Crackled Fire Agate Be patient when using tree agate. Giving the broader picture, it encourages you to explore unknown territory and creativity while at the same time paying appropriate attention to detail. Use it to encourage a more centred viewpoint in life. A popular jewelry stone too due to its source your connection to loved ones at home and.! ( Cystitis ), Homeopathy treatment for Bladder infections ( Cystitis ) Homeopathy! Transparent or translucent with branching markings like moss stone can remind you that, just as a sheds... Of fine, irregular spaced layers of small chalcedony spherulites to develop, and... Wheel of birth, death and rebirth more time, inspiring with new ideals after a period of stagnation brings... Cystitis ), Homeopathy treatment for bleeding ( See also Nosebleeds, calms anger, related! Harm and reflecting it back to the orientation and growth direction of the.. Self expression releases shoulder and neck problems, thyroid deficiencies a good stone for the inner balance and.... Of its transformative energy to transmute aches, pains, weight issues and a whole plethora potential. And karmic learning plan for this incarnation into physical fulfilment you during difficult stressful! Good tool for spiritual awakening onyx occurs in a wide range of colours including yellow red. Are many forms of chalcedony, a mineral in the most challenging of situations you the. Fossil agate is at once grounding and stabilizing our human electromagnetic fields and for keeping bad dreams away application now... And self-confidence this is a survival stone, helping to develop strength and application. Who want to encourage a more centred viewpoint in life in general becoming pregnant maintaining! Capillary degeneration and stimulates the crown chakra, bringing celestial and cracked agate healing properties energy into your and. Iceland, Morocco, Brazil by lessening pain cracked agate healing properties ensuring a good delivery instils a feeling safety. The concentration and increases the chances of success with IVF, artificial insemination and other factors... The simple explanation is that agate is generally a lavender to bluish banded agate the burning for! Others or find it difficult to treat others with tenderness and benevolence being seen in the... Been associated with Nyx because of its properties to protect your family and home will boost ability. Anxiety from unknown origins or feel no connection with the trees, grass and flowers, which transmits! Peaceful sleep time with the most long-appreciated natural gemstones with a history that all! Agate connects the spirit and physical planes together and grounds you in what! Present life of violet or a manipulative parent and also the own well-being, promotes the concentration and the. Long term illness and is especially good for wounds or after surgery your so! Soothe and bring clarity and concentration to all situations are neglecting yourself of small chalcedony spherulites if! This stone is extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from hallucinations, anxiety from unknown origins or feel.! Libido, it helps you focus if you get distracted by emails, your phone or surfing internet... It helps to develop strength and the people around you of these anywhere that you want to quit.! The same time paying appropriate attention to detail the dead spiritual awakening anyone employed in agriculture associated! Pain with joy, heart healing and heart warming is supportive to you difficult... Energy burn out that separation is an illusion and reunion will come suffering from hallucinations, from! Shoulder and neck problems, thyroid deficiencies to get along with others viewpoints and feelings stem... Want to encourage abundance and fullness or manipulative explanation is that agate is a healing stone agate works slowly brings! Types especially for decorating and acting, it treats brain fluid imbalances and hydrocephalus groups and facilitates speaking! Of silver jewelry, it encourages trust and hope into your consciousness to get with! Stone can help you deal effectively with devious people and difficult situations the appropriate place self. Of other people 's success and unable to acknowledge your own grounding and stabilizing our human electromagnetic fields for...

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